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A little quirky but very useful

I was using Quickbooks mostly to invoice my clients and it was far more than I needed. Moon invoice meets most of my needs and it only cost $10. When I have had minor issues, support (despite being overseas) was extremely helpful and very responsive (they always respond the same or next day). I’m quite impressed. I would’ve made some different choices about terminology or flow, but those issues are minor. This is a very useful little app. Updated two years later. The support people are all in India which makes getting support very difficult. It’s only by email. I had a problem with a bug (where I couldn’t assign a task properly to the right category) and they suggested I upgrade to their new Pro version for free. Unfortunately it seems impossible to transfer my data to the new version. Not helpful. Sometimes you get what you pay for.

Horrible program

Buggy… no documentation… horrible customization. I can not get my client’s address to show up on an invoice even on default settings. After emailing with customer support their suggestion was ‘upgrade to pro’. I already spent $20.99 on this program and it doesn’t do what it needs to do. If i could get my money back i would. Unacceptable.

Quick and Easy too use.

Great for small business. Use it all the time. Takes 5mins. to make up my invoices. Worth the money. Owner of a small carpentry company.

Great software!!

Switched to Moon Invoice from QuickBooks, and I love it so far. It’s not perfect, particularly needs to be some UX smoothing — keyboard shortcuts, tabbing, etc. — but I like it!!!

An adequate but very amateurish app

This seems to do what it needs to do: time tasks, put items into an email and print or email the invoice as a pdf file. My complaints are the following: 1. It is very cludgy. The interface is not well designed and it takes unnecessarily long to do simple tasks. 2. It is not possible to have >1 project for a client. It is necessary to enter the client multiple times. 3. The invoice templates are horribly designed, and look VERY unprofessional. This is the reason I won’t use the app, I would never send one of my clients such a cheap looking invoice. The simple template is just ugly, and the fonts and design cannot be cusomized. All the other templates are eye candy and look like they were designed by a 4th grader with a box of Crayolas and a My Little Pony fixation. 4. The app does not work with any email clients other than Apple Mail. 5. There is no app support. 6. Cues in the program are not written in correct English. The app was clearly written by a non-native English speaker and was never quality checked by a native speaker. Take a look at the product description above to see the stilted English (Eastern European author? Asian? I can’t quite tell.) Boy, I wish one could try out an app before plunking down good $$ ! ! !

Theyre going the wrong way!!

I used to be very happy with this software, but lately the quality has gotten worse. The latest is now its not syncing properly between my devices and my Mac (or at all actually!). Making matters worse, they seem to have multiple non-pro versions of the sofrware in the App Store, confusing you as to which one youre supposed to be using. I still havent figured it out. All I know is its now throwing errors when I try to simply copy an invoice meaning I cant even bill my clients, which was the entire reason I used it. At this point, I no longer feel comfortable that my data is safe with this companys software. Its already lost several of my invoices, and as I said, its not syncing others. And now with the latest crashes, I think its time to bow out and find something else. Only reason its not a one-star is because at one point, it was a good piece of sofware, but that day has long since passed.

It Works

This app just works. I bought this app becasue my version of Quickbooks I use for invoicing was no longer compatible with the new IOS version. I looked over a lot of the app offerings, and settled on this one becasue of the simplicity. I’m glad I did. It is simple, but it has all the functionality of Quickbooks when it comes to invoicing cusotmers. All the information fields most business people need are included.

Saved My Day

We lost our PC hard drive and tried to recover the files from Idrive and Carbonite. The program we were using was My Invoices. The only problem was could not convert the files to any known files and as such we lost all our back up. We had paper copies but trying to use the previous files as a reference was lost. The old program was a nightmare to learn and setup. Now with Moon we have a great invoice program and setting up was a cake walk. If only we had found it much sooner. We can’t say enough good things about Moon Invoices, Estimates and Purchase order’s. Thanks so much for putting this on the app store. We Love This Program! Thanks so very much.

Great simple tool

I have an electrical contracting business and have used quickbooks for mace, tried quickbooks online, tried freshbooks but with all of those and others I have looked at I was just not satisfied with the platform. Moon is great and I really appreciate the simplicity where it is needed and details where you want them. There is definite room for this app to improve with customizations of estimates/invoices as expected but I have never been more organized with invoicing before. Having the cloud based system is really useful as well for being on the go. Lastly for the price if you are hesitant there isn’t too much risk, but if you ask me you will like it … the hard part is everyone has different needs and wants with there bussiness and record keeping.

There is no reason to buy this app

You can download ‘Moon Invoice PRO’ for free. Go do that. Then if you like it what you want to do is buy the ‘full’ version from within the app. There is no reason to buy this version. It’s the same price as “PRO” and does less. I don’t think the publishers are actually trying to scam anyone but they are certainly knuckleheads at marketing.


Only for 1 user. No chance to edit the templates. Shade!

Doesn’t Work

This app does not work well & has no FAQ to help navigate it. I bought it based on the promise of cloud capabilities…but the first thing that popped up was ‘cloud not available’. Upon trying to create an invoice, I had constant issues trying to edit. When I tried to turn the invoice into a paid account, there is not ‘cash’ option & no ability to edit how clients are paying other than what the develper created. Very frustrating! If I could get a refund on this app, I would. But there is not even a ‘report a problem’ link on this page!

on and off

it was sharing between devices but since ios8 nada a bit of a pain was going to give up on it but have to find a sutiable replacement first im holding out to see if moon invoice can rectify these issues

Love it!

Perfect was looking for a basic invoice app, which was easy to use and set up. Price was right. Won’t sync with cloud either. They will fix? hope. Would like to use on my ipad.

Update Issues!!!!

After the recent update, app keeps crashing. besides that the app is great does everything you need to and want to do; you have full control of the invoice, user friendly editing coloums and titles to make it 100% yours. Easy layouts that configures itself. Perfect for a small business company to keep track of inventory, invoices, esitmates, projects, products and your contacts.

needs some changes

The invoice number should have an option to change or correct. I have serious problems with this because I keep a copy of names of customers and track them through invoice numbers. Sometimes I make mistakes, double the entry, so I trash it. The numbering system does not allow me to change, go back, or update. So, I have missing spots on my list.

I love this app

Does just what I need it to do, without any extraneous stuff. I love how it keeps track of what invoices have gone out and which have been paid. Also love how I can customize the email forms and such. Highly recommended, it’s a real find!

Really helpful; app

I use this app to invoice my employees (as Im an independent contractor), I love it. The app is easy to use and all the info goes into the cloud so I can access it on my phone. Last week I forgot to invoice from home and payroll had their deadline and since I could send from my phone it was not an issue.

Disconnect Icloud and all your data is deleted!

Problem Fixed!

Not Impressed

Cannot customize any of the fields in the invoice. I don’t want to include hours and some of the other fields, but will not let me save otherwise. Can’t even enter a phone number or invoice number with hyphens. Definitely not meant for english speaking customers. Very difficult to decipher the prompt messages it gives or the help section tips. When I print, it prints some fields on top of one another.

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